fall is in the air

The sun is shining again today. Not that there’s anything wrong with the sun shining. There’s not a cloud in the sky, just wide open blue. Yesterday was wonderful, cloudy and full of fog. The air was heavy, settling into the valleys and along the river. If I stood still long enough I could see the mist, suspended in the air as if it were snowing. The mist turned my whole world light grey; I stood inside a snow globe of suspended rain. There were no mountains. On days like this I imagine they are there, through the clouds. I imagine a great stormy sea just beyond the mountains, lapping and crashing at their stone feet. Licking the boulders and pine trees.

On days like this everything feels fresh and new. The grass looks green and the trees take a nice long drink. I rode my bike down to the river to stand by the waterfall and enjoy the clouds and fog, feeling a rising excitement from deep down that fall is coming. Steamy mugs of hot cocoa, mint tea and soft warm shawls draped over chilly shoulders.

After the bike ride, I decided to address the longing to knit again and pull out my needles after 4 long years. I’ve been saving a special skein of alpaca yarn that was given to me as a gift. I wanted to make something special with it, and have been keeping it in a safe spot until it was needed. I am imagining a drapey, lacy shawl perfect for fall days. So, after finding a few books on knitting in my studio, I brushed up on the basics and started right in. And then I stopped. And started again. And stopped. And started again. And then took it out. I decided then that I should just crochet the shawl, wound the yarn into a ball and headed for bed.

The cat decided it was time for me to wake up. With coffee and oatmeal on my serving tray, I settled in to the couch with Knits magazine to try to find some inspiration. It worked and I decided not to let my needles get the best of me. Here’s the beginning of my shawl. I just hope I can finish it in time for the next rainy day…